Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Homeschool Filing Method

So, I have this what? Seriously though, I only made this blog after finding so many others that I have become interested in and have actually been following on a weekly basis.  They are usually blogs on homeschooling.  I have found so many great ideas, resources, etc. Some of which I have actually utilized in my own homeschooling (or will in the Fall).

We took an extra long break this Summer because I (as well as the kids) really needed it.  We stopped schooling in May and will continue our new year on September 13, 2010.  We will most likely end up schooling further into the Summer in 2011, but thats okay since the long summer was greatly needed.

I have spent the last few weeks organizing our school room, decorating, making sure our curriculum was all sorted, etc.  Here are a couple pictures of the bulletin boards I have just finished working on in the last couple of weeks.
You probably can't get a good view of the school desk because I took this with my iPhone camera and was trying to get the whole bulletin board in the photo.  It's covers the whole wall and is HUGE.  Notice each child has their own bulletin board behind their chair to post artwork, schoolwork, or anything else they are proud of. 

This year, I have implemented a filing box system I found here: I just finished cutting apart and filing the last of the workbooks.  I do still have Science and Geography to finish though which will probably be the most difficult, time consuming bit of it. Here is a photo of what I have finished thus far.  I have labeled 36 hanging folders for each week of the school year. Inside each hanging folder, I have a manilla folder for each child with that week's work. On Sunday night, I will remove the current week's work and file it in a binder by day.  I will post pictures of the binders when they are completed which is the next thing on my list of "To Do's".
I also have another crate just for my teacher's manuals, resources I need throughout the year such as weekly book logs, lesson plans, weekly schedule, etc. 

Well, I wanted to get a start on this blog. I can't wait to add to it.  I still have a few things left to file so I am off to get that done now and make their binders.  I will post more pictures when it is all complete. 


  1. Great examples for your filing system!

  2. BTW wanted to add..the blog is really cute!

  3. Aslansavz, thanks for the comments about my blog. It is definitely a work in progress. I can't believe how much I have learned just in the last couple days. I really need to stop taking pictures with my iPhone as they come out horrible! :)

  4. Your blog looks great. And WoW! great bulletin boards. I've also been filing away after reading that post. I wanted to be done for the whole school year before we started our school, but that didn't happen. So, I continue to work on it!

  5. I love the geography bulletin board! Where did you get your compass/directions for the bulletin board?

  6. I purchased all the bulletin boards at Lakeshore Learning.

  7. Your "Follow Me" button isn't working. Consider me 'following' :)