Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's Amazon Order

I must say, I LOVE Amazon! Or maybe a better word would be....addicted? I usually keep a cart of the things I want to buy and watch them as the prices fluctuate.  When they go down enough to a price I am willing to pay, then I buy them.

Today, my order consisted of one find which was mentioned on the WTM boards. I love this book.  Leanna has been browsing the pages since It came in the mail and hasn't stopped asking questions.  Of course, she had a few giggles at the naked pictures of which I explained to her were works of art by famous artists and should be respected, not giggled at.
Lives of the Great Artists
I also picked up a couple resources to use with Galloping the Globe as we take our "virtual trip around the world".  I found the suggestions on this blog: Homeschool Creations - Geography. I love this blog! It has so many printables, resource suggestions, lesson plans, etc. to use alongside Galloping the Globe. Although, perusing it, has cost me some money (money well spent though since it was on books). We can NEVER have too many books! I find I am constantly adding to my children's library. These are the two books that came today as well.
Ten Girls Who Changed The World (Lightkeepers)Ten Girls Who Made History (Lightkeepers)
I received both of these books on the 4-for-3-promotion.  If you purchase 4 books, you end up receiving one for FREE.  I love Amazon deals! I have made the mistake a couple of times of adding books in this particular promotion to my cart and not buying enough, thus, not receiving the free book.  I always check now and do separate orders to make sure it checks out correctly. 


  1. HI there,
    great start to your blog found you on workboxes. I started a blog for the same reasons -- it is amazing what is out there for homeschoolers. If you get a chance look out my blog. I am your newest follower. Have you heard of Picket Fences?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks wonderful!! I used the same company and the template you used was my 2nd choice! For some reason mine is not lining up right?? I can't get the background to go up all the way and the banner is not centered. So I might change it again. I LOVE Amazon!! That place can really get me in trouble!! I love how organized your homeschool is. Btw, I grew up outside of Winston-Salem.

  3. @adventurer...I always love finding new resources and will be sure to post then as I fins them. I love when others post their finds on their blogs, but I will be broke soon if I keep "following"! Lol I am unsure what Picket Fences is??? I will check out your blog and make sure I'm following you.

  4. @Adena..I had some trouble with lining up my banner as well. I read through all the tutorials on the website. I finally figured it out. I think, at first, I was trying to use the web pictures editor they recommend and use a glittery font. A glittery font can only be saved as a .bmp or .gif (I think). It finally worked when I used the normal text and saved it as .jpg. You also need to use only certain templates which you will find on I had all the same trouble and it was frustrating! LOL