Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to Dish It Out

Last Wednesday, we were bored.  I decided I wanted to take the Leanna and Devin to do something they hadn't ever done before.  We ended up at Dish It Out.  You start by picking out your pottery and your paint colors.  Leanna loves horses so she ended up picking a unicorn and Devin loves anything that goes fast so he ended up painting a motorcycle.  He actually wanted the army tank, but they were all out.  We are going to go back one day soon so he can paint that army tank.  Here are pictures of the kids painting their pottery.

We just picked up our finished work yesterday.  I will say that I helped Leanna with hers A LOT. It turned out beautiful.  I love the colors she chose. Devin didn't want any help.  He just decided to slap some colors on it and piled color over color! LOL But, thats okay, because thats what makes his special, right? Devin has been counting down the days until he could go get his pottery, "Mom, it was 7 days yesterday so now  we have 6 left".  I think I heard this everyday.  I am so glad the pottery place wasn't late. Anyway, here are the final results.  

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