Monday, September 13, 2010

Brittani's New Haircut

I have always been one to love keeping my girls' hair long.  I love long hair on them! My oldest has always loved short hair and constantly complains when her hair is long.  For the last couple years it has been worse because she is all about beauty and fashion, especially her hair and makeup.  She has been waiting for a first paycheck so she could treat herself to the haircut she has been wanting for months.  On September 2nd, she went to the hair salon, had her hair died black and cut VERY VERY SHORT! I wanted to cry! You can see the before picture to the left of the blog.  Here are some pictures of the experience that made a mom cry.  LOL

She didn't feel like "posing" for pictures so this is all I have of the final result right after it was done being cut and styled.  Of course, she is still as beautiful as ever, so I really can't complain.  

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