Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our School Room

I have seen so many other blogs where pictures of school rooms have been posted. I figured it was time for me to get around to taking some pictures of ours. All of the furniture, bookshelves, etc. in our schoolroom were bought at IKEA.
These are the children's school desks. We have four chairs so that Mom can sit with them while they are working. 
This is the other side the wall where we keep all the kid's toys. They usually play on the the cool rug you see which is from IKEA as well. 

I made this bulletin board because Devin was learning his color words last year and was having a bit of trouble with them. It was a great visual for him. On the top of the bookshelf, we have a few games and a box of craft supplies.  The bookshelf below is separated for each child. One box is poetry, another early  readers, another my 2nd grader's readers, and lastly my highschooler's readers from last year. 

Here is Mom's work area

This is a full view of one end of the schoolroom (all I could fit in the camera from the small space I had.  

This last one is Devin showing off their new chore charts.  I love these.  They were definitely a lot of work, but I am sure they will be worth it.  The kids can't wait to get to use them (we still have not started school yet).  I found all the printouts for these at Homeschool Creations which is one of my favorite blogs and is also listed in my sidebar. Be sure to check it out! 


  1. Great job on your school room! I like your "buttons" for comments and having followers, too! I saw your link at twtm. I am at

    Super start to your blog!

  2. I love all the natural light and the fun colors in your room. What a lovely place to learn.